Making The Case For Building To Zero Carbon

CaGBC’s Making the Case for Building to Zero Carbon report, a first of its kind in Canada, demonstrates that zero carbon buildings provide a positive financial return over a 25-year life-cycle inclusive of carbon pollution pricing, and require only a modest capital cost premium.

CaGBC’s study is further confirmation that zero carbon buildings are technically feasible and financially viable. Furthermore, the economic case for zero carbon buildings is reinforced over time due to the rising cost of carbon, the growing importance of resiliency, and the increasing likelihood of regulations and policies driving the need for future retrofits.

As seen in the infographic below, the report looked at a full range of building archetypes – low-rise office, mid-rise office, low-rise multi-unit residential, mid-rise multi-unit residential, primary schools, big box retail and warehouses in the Canadian cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

The Making the Case for Building To Zero Carbon report was developed with financial contributions from Natural Resources Canada, The National Research Council, Public Services and Procurement Canada, The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, REALPAC, the Government of Nova Scotia and the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia.

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Making The Case For Building To Zero Carbon
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