Canada’s Green Building Engine

Green buildings create transformative change our cities and communities. They increase health and wellbeing, lower energy demands and emissions, and are a significant engine for job creation and GDP.

In 2018, the green building industry boasted 462,150 jobs – a 55 per cent increase over 2014. Over the same period, green building’s contribution to Canada’s GDP grew from $23.4 billion to approximately $47.9 billion.

These insights come from our latest market report, Canada’s Green Building Engine, which shows the transformation of green building industry into a mature sector of the Canadian economy, now generating more jobs than oil and gas extraction, mining, and forestry combined.

Canada's Green Building Engine: 
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What’s driving green building growth?

Climate Change

Build more resilient, efficient buildings

The Circular Economy

Design out waste and pollution

Healthy, Inclusive Buildings

Equal access to green building benefits


A cost-effective opportunity to meet GHG targets

Embodied Carbon

Consider the carbon intensity of materials and processes

Smart Buildings

Building automation for greater insights and efficiency

Energy Storage

Accessible and reliable storage increase resiliency

Sustainable materials

Complete life-cycle approach to materials


Creating opportunity with green building

Canada’s Green Building Engine captures the growth of the green building industry across Canada and by province and territory. It also looks ahead with sophisticated modelling to predict what the industry could look like in 2030. These models also weigh the COVID-19 pandemic – and the coming economic stimulus governments are planning to reignite Canada’s economy.

The “Climate Forward” scenario presents the outcome of a green recovery plan that prioritizes green building and progressive policies. Under the climate forward plan, Canada’s green building industry would flourish, with 1.5 million direct green building jobs and $150 billion in GDP by 2030.


Bring on a Green Recovery

As governments look to reignite Canada’s economy after the pandemic, CaGBC is calling for a green recovery. Industry leaders are already coming forward to support investments in green initiatives that will put Canadians to work and deliver on climate targets.


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Reignite Canada’s economy through green building

As the voice of the green building industry, CaGBC has provided its perspective on how a green recovery could help Canada’s economic recovery.

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