Accelerating to Zero: Upskilling for Engineers, Architects, and Renewable Energy Specialists

Zero carbon buildings represent the best opportunity for Canada to cost-effectively reduce carbon emissions. CaGBC research and successful projects have proven these buildings are technically achievable and financially viable. However, achieving zero carbon at scale requires the building sector to work more collaboratively and to possess additional skills and knowledge.

To ensure Canada’s building sector can meet the demands of zero carbon building requires an understanding of the core competencies the workforce needs and that any related gaps in education and training are addressed. Previous CaGBC studies have focused on the skills gaps at the trades’ level. In Accelerating to Zero: Upskilling for Engineers, Architects, and Renewable Energy Specialists, CaGBC looks more closely at these professionals’ needs.

The study leverages the Zero Carbon Building Standard to define the core competencies and sub-competencies needed to support zero carbon building. The report establishes an industry baseline of zero carbon building skills and knowledge, specifically among engineers, architects, and renewable energy specialists. This was achieved through a survey of 318 respondents who self-reported their perceived knowledge and practical experience for the competencies, helping to identify knowledge and skills gaps. In addition, CaGBC tracked preferred learning approaches and available training and education to better understand what opportunities exist for upskilling around these zero carbon competencies.


Importance of, and gaps related to, zero carbon building competencies