GBCI Canada

Launched by CaGBC and GBCI in February 2018, GBCI Canada is a Canadian for profit joint venture created to deliver all of the current and future GBCI offerings including certification and professional credentialing services for LEED (v4+), WELL, SITES, PEER, Parksmart, TRUE and GRESB in Canada, along with the Arc platform and other programs.

CaGBC will continue to engage and support the Canadian market, its members and stakeholders through the development of new programs (like the Zero Carbon Building Standard), the certification of LEED Canada projects and through education and training, advocacy and research, events and a range of other activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did the CaGBC form GBCI Canada?

The urgency of addressing climate change requires bold and innovative new approaches to doing business. Forming GBCI Canada is a critical step in CaGBC’s strategy to scale up market transformation and impact by delivering enhanced services and supporting a broader range of tools and programs.

GBCI and CaGBC complement each other by bringing unique strengths to the joint venture. GBCI brings expertise at providing certification and credentialing services of a broad range of green business tools. GBCI also has the capabilities to deliver the tools quickly to the market through enhanced service and technology platforms.

CaGBC brings 15 years of Canadian green building expertise, market reach and industry access needed to accelerate transformation of the built environment. The broad reach of our network and a deep understanding of the Canadian green building market has been established by working with our members and stakeholders to establish LEED as the leading green building rating system in Canada and the second largest market for LEED in the world.

Revenue from GBCI Canada will support CaGBC’s mission and the ongoing delivery of new programs and services including advocacy, education, research and events that help advance green building in the Canadian industry. A diverse product offering, new business and revenue opportunities will contribute to CaGBC’s long-term financial well-being and market success.

2. When did come into effect?

February 2018.

3. How does this affect CaGBC members?

CaGBC members will maintain their current benefits (including all applicable green building program fee discounts for Specialist members), and  gain new value from the formation of a new service-oriented organization dedicated exclusively to certification and credentialing services of a range of green building solutions.

Revenue from GBCI Canada will be used to support the ongoing delivery of CaGBC’s mission. Members will continue to benefit from access to new CaGBC programs (such as the Zero Carbon Buildings Standard), advocacy, education, research and events that help advance the Canadian industry.

4. How does this affect LEED projects?

LEED will remain well-supported in Canada. CaGBC continues to provide certification reviews and market support for LEED Canada, thereby not disrupting the existing certification model for its customers. GBCI Canada now delivers LEED v4 and all new products via LEED Online and Arc, using Canadian staff and knowledge to provide support.

Both organizations are managed by CaGBC CEO, Thomas Mueller, to ensure seamless integration of both organizations, and the effective alignment and implementation of programs, products and services to support the Canadian market.

5. Will CaGBC members get discounts on certification fees through GBCI Canada?

Yes, one of the many benefits of CaGBC membership is access to discounted registration and certification fees on a number of exciting new programs and services. Visit for more information.

6. How does this announcement affect the LEED AP credential maintenance program currently under the GBCI?

The GBCI is the credentialing body for LEED APs and maintains the credentialing program (which involves tracking CE hours, collecting LEED AP fees, administering the exams for the credential). The current credentialing maintenance program will still be administrated by the GBCI, but fully supported by GBCI Canada with Canadian customer service. In the future, GBCI Canada will begin processing the exams but this has not yet begun.

7. I’d like to register for one of GBCI Canada’s new programs or I have a question. Who do I talk to?

GBCI Canada’s new certification offerings and programs are an exciting new opportunity for you to maximize your building portfolio and we are here to help you get started. Visit to view the program pages and contact information for the area you are interested in learning more about. Alternatively, you can email and our customer service department will be able to direct you to the appropriate individual.