LEED v4: The Future of Green Building is Here

LEED® v4 is the framework and benchmark for the next generation of green buildings. LEED v4 is the most inclusive and transparent LEED yet, driving meaningful reductions in GHG emissions associated with building construction and operations and putting a stronger emphasis on human health and wellbeing.

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Technical Updates and New Market Sectors

LEED v4 is a comprehensive technical update to the rating system requirements.

While some aspects remain familiar, others incorporate important, fundamental revisions:

  • Materials are now evaluated more holistically to more fully assess the climatic, environmental and health impacts of building materials through approaches such as Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declarations;
  • Integrative design, critical to the success of advanced green building projects, is incorporated into LEED v4; and
  • Requirements for envelope commissioning and acoustics ensure a higher performance, longer lasting, and more comfortable building;

More projects types are now able to use the LEED rating system. LEED v4 provides for 21 different market sector adaptations, including: new and existing data centers, new and existing warehouse and distribution centers, hospitality, existing schools, existing retail, and multifamily midrise. To view the rating systems and details, visit our LEED v4 Resources page.

Better User Experience

LEED v4 provides a global and continuously evolving platform of tools and resources, with local Canadian delivery.

LEED v4 is a global rating tool that ensures consistency while providing the flexibility required for different regions. Certification reviews are performed by Canadian staff with an understanding of the local market, codes, and regulations. For technical inquires please contact LEED Coach Canada, a Canadian team of LEED experts with diverse building science backgrounds, for all your Canadian project questions.

The CaGBC has developed Alternative Compliance Paths, or ACPs, to provide project teams the option to use Canadian standards. Regional Priority Credits, or RPCs, put added emphasis on the most pressing environmental concerns in different parts of the country. These documents are available on the LEED v4 Resources page.

With a common global rating system, Canadians can now benefit from enhanced tools and resources. The LEED Online platform simplifies project management and accelerates certification review. The online reference guide provides multimedia tips and guidance, as well as the opportunity to participate in user forums with peers.

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What happens when you upgrade the world's premier benchmark for high-performance green buildings? LEED v4 is here. And it's bolder, more specialized, and designed for a better user experience.



Even better with LEED v4.1

LEED v4 adopters have shared their knowledge and experience, which has informed the LEED v4.1 update available for use now.