LEED® v4 Resources

Below are some helpful resources. Note that some of these resources are maintained by the USGBC.
For questions about LEED v4, Contact LEED Coach Canada with your LEED v4 questions.

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Recent Updates

The LEED v4 Zone features the latest news, tips and guidance

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LEED v4.1 Updates

LEED v4.1 is more achievable, providing new options and simpler metrics to help projects reach key outcomes.
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LEED v4 Zone

Find LEED v4 features like news and updates, certification essentials, guidance, and tips from the LEED Technical Bulletins to help Canadian projects successfully transition to the new rating systems.
 View the LEED v4 Zone here.


Alternative Compliance Paths (ACPs) and Resources

ACPs provide project teams the flexibility to use locally-relevant, equivalent means of demonstrating compliance to credit requirements.
View the Canadian ACPs and associated resource documents here.

Regional Priority Credits (RPCs)

RPCs emphasize the LEED credits that are most relevant in the context of the different urban and rural bioregions of Canada. LEED Online automatically determines the RPCs applicable to your project.
View the RPCs here.

Rating Systems

LEED v4 includes new market sector adaptations for data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, hospitality, and other project types to ensure that LEED fits the unique aspects of your project.
View the Rating System Selection Guidance here.

Rating Systems: BD+C, ID+C, O+M, ND, and Homes + Midrise.

Checklists: BD+C, ID+C, O+M, ND and Homes + Midrise.

Reference Guides

Completely restructured for LEED v4, the reference guides are available in an interactive web-based version. This enhancement offers video tutorials and downloadable templates and presentations. Visit the USGBC store to purchase the reference guides, or preview the LEED v4 reference guide introductory and overview sections for BD+CID+CO+MHomes and ND. These sections are supplemental for the web-based reference guide.

Download the LEED v4 Glossary here.
[Excel 94KB]

Credit library

The Credit Library is a database of all LEED v4 credits and prerequisites, providing credit language as well as interpretations, forms, calculators and other resources. The Credit Library is your portal to the web-based reference guide material, where you can even discuss credits in a forum powered by LEED user.
Go to the Credit Library now.

LEED Online

Get started on your project with our online LEED project workspace. Streamline your LEED project management experience, organize your work, and engage with your whole team. Go to LEED Online now.

Guide to LEED Certification

Understand the steps to pursuing LEED certification including the current policies, and deadlines for each of the rating systems. Read the guides here.


Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs)

The MPRs can be found in the left navigation of the Credit Library.

Sample Forms

Access versions of the forms found in LEED Online without having to register a project. View the forms here.


Addenda database

Addenda incorporate changes and improvements to LEED rating systems and resources to help clarify, correct, interpret or provide alternative language helping project teams better implement LEED. Search the database here.

LEED Interpretations

LEED Interpretations focus on the evolution of the LEED rating system and are published in the form of official addenda. Credit Interpretations allow a team to obtain technical guidance related to a particular credit and are project specific. Learn more.

Pilot Credits

The Pilot Credit Library facilitates the introduction of new credits to the LEED rating systems. The process allows projects to test more innovative credits that haven't been through the complete drafting and balloting process.

Register to pursue a pilot credit here.

LEED for Homes Providers

To help ensure the success of every project, the LEED for Homes and Midrise programs provide local, on the ground support through a network of Providers. Project teams must contact the Provider they will work with prior to registering their project. Find a local Provider.



LEED Coach Canada

LEED v4 projects are supported by LEED Coach Canada, a collaborative customer service team with diverse building science backgrounds. With resources located across Canada, LEED Coach Canada has the answers you need for your local LEED v4 projects. For technical inquires, contact LEED Coach Canada.