Intro to LEED and the Integrated Design Process Bundle

DURATION: 3 hours
This education bundle includes the following courses:

Introduction to the CAGBC and LEED v4 Rating System: This course will explore the roles and responsibilities of the CAGBC and GBCI as they relate to LEED green building certification. Participants will learn about how the LEED v4 rating system(s) can support environmental goals, identify how to navigate online LEED v4 resources, as well as consider the process for submitting LEED v4 projects for certification.
1 GBCI LEED BD+C-specific education hour.

LEED v4 Overview and Basic Requirements: This course will consider which LEED v4 rating system and adaptation is the most appropriate for a project and its environmental goals, with a particular focus on the LEED v4 Building Design and Construction (BD+C) rating system and adaptations. Participants will discover how to determine if a project meets the LEED v4 BD+C minimum program requirements (MPRs), as well as identify key calculations for a project seeking LEED certification. This includes identifying the LEED project site area (LPSA) and considering how to determine the number of regular and visitor occupants in a building.
1 GBCI LEED BD+C-specific education hour.

Project Design and the Integrative Process: This course will explore how the Integrated Design Process (IDP) can positively impact a project, as well some differences between IDP and the more conventional design process. Participants will consider the roles of the various project team members, identify key milestones for LEED processes and gathering related documentation, as well explore the requirements of the LEED v4 Integrative Process credit.
Note: This course is focused on the LEED v4 Building Design and Construction (BD+C rating system).
1 GBCI LEED BD+C-specific education hour.

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