LEED Location & Transportation and Sustainable Sites Bundle

DURATION: 3 hours
This education bundle includes the following courses:

LEED Location and Transportation Pre-Design Credits: This course will explore several of the LEEDv4 BD+C pre-design credits under the Location and Transportation (LT) credit category, including: LEED for Neighborhood Development Location, Sensitive Land Protection, High Priority Site, and Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses.
1 GBCI LEED BD+C-specific education hour.

LEED Transportation Related Credits and Sustainable Sites Part 1: This course will explore following LEED v4 Location & Transportation (LT) and Sustainable Sites (SS) credits: Access to Quality Transit, Bicycle Facilities, Reduced Parking Footprint, Green Vehicles, Site Development - Protect or Restore Habitat, Open Space, Heat Island Reduction, Light Pollution Reduction, and Site Assessment.
1 GBCI LEED BD+C-specific education hour.

LEED Sustainable Sites Credits Part II: Rainwater Management and Outdoor Water Use: This course will explore the following LEED v4 Sustainable Sites and Water Efficiency credits: Rainwater Management (SS credit), and Outdoor Water Use Reduction (WE credit). This course will also consider synergies between these and other credits, as well as explore potential differences between LEED and municipal rainwater requirements.
1 GBCI LEED BD+C-specific education hour.

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