Embodied Carbon: An Introduction

DURATION: .75 hour

0.75 GBCI general education hour.

The true environmental footprint of a building begins at the moment of extraction of raw materials. Embodied carbon considers the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the supply chain all the way through decommissioning of a building. For those truly interested in corporate social responsibility and minimizing their building's/project's impact on the environment, it's important to consider the embodied carbon that is linked to their building.

This course will describe and identify the importance of embodied carbon and its link to the more commonly used term of "life-cycle assessment" (LCA). Reduction strategies will be explored, as well as different LCA software tools that can be used in calculating embodied carbon. The course will go a step further by considering how renovations of existing buildings can be addressed.

This course is delivered by Mark Lucuik of Morrison Hershfield.


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