Calculating the Zero Carbon Balance: An Overview

DURATION: .75 hours

1 GBCI general education hour.

Eliminating a building's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the use of renewable energy sources and carbon offsets can demonstrate a building's dedication to tackling Canada's climate reduction goals. A zero carbon balance is achieved when the building's avoided emissions from exported green power and carbon offsets exceed the sum of their operational and embodied carbon. Using renewable energy to reduce operational carbon can ultimately help a building save on energy use while investing in, and increasing the value, of renewable energy sources.

This course will consider what goes into calculating a zero carbon balance, including exploring how gases are converted to CO2 equivalents and identifying the differences between direct and indirect emissions. Participants will also discover the impact of embodied carbon on a zero carbon balance, as well as how alternative energy sources can be included in this calculation.

This course is delivered by Kalum Galle of Morrison Hershfield.


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