Zero Carbon Transition Plan

DURATION: .75 hour

1 GBCI general education hour.

Canada's climate has changed significantly over the past century, and it continues to evolve. Even with strategies being undertaken to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the built environment, additional work is needed to transition our buildings to the new climate reality - and ultimately reduce the risks associated with our current building stock as it relates greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). As the industry evolves, there is an opportunity for organizations to demonstrate their leadership and commitment to the global challenge of climate change.

This course will explore the importance of having a zero carbon transition plan to eliminate fossil fuels from use within buildings. This includes considering major sources of carbon emissions in buildings, key factors that need to be considered when retrofitting building systems, as well as potential steps that might be included in a transition plan.

The course will end with a case study, as well as a consideration of what might be seen in the coming decade.

This course is delivered by Kristen Jaczko of Purpose Building.


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